How do I know I am getting my pets ashes back?

We make use of the Worcester crematorium who form part of ICSA (Independent Crematorium South Africa) and who are licensed to cremate pets in addition to humans.  They are a small crematorium who operate with efficiency and transparency. Prior to the Covid-19 lock-down, our driver and shareholder of the business, Wilfred Abrahams, witnessed the cremation process so that we could guarantee each pet owner was in fact receiving their pets ashes back. This continued for the first year until lock down began in March 2020.

Based on our relationship with ICSA and the transparency with which they operate, we can continue to guarantee that  pet owners are absolutely receiving their own pets ashes back.

Can I visit the tree planted by Greenpop?

Greenpop, a South African organisation and NGO will plant a tree in memory of your pet in one of the various areas of deforestation in either South Africa, Zambia or Tanzania. Your tree will be planted as part of their reforestation project.

You are unable to visit your exact tree, however, you are able to visit the forest where your tree has been planted.  We encourage you to visit to receive information on their tree planting efforts as well as their environmental events that take place annually.   

Can my animal be collected from my vet/welfare/pound?

Yes, we will collect your pet from your home, your vet or from your local pound/welfare. For collections 50km outside of Cape Town, we do charge an additional transportation fee.

How long will it take to get my pets ashes back?

We will deliver your pet’s ashes to you or your vet/pound/welfare within one week.

Can I witness the cremation process?

The Worcester Crematorium we make use of, does not have the facilities for our clients to witness the cremation process. We can gladly arrange for you to be at the crematorium on the day the cremation procedure takes place, you will however be required to wait in the designated waiting area until the process is complete. This will need to be arranged in advance with Amanda directly.

Why should I choose Pet Farewells?

We do our best to set ourselves apart from others by offering unique products and unique services.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a small, family-owned, micro-enterprise with no intention of becoming corporate. We understand the loss felt by Pet Owners we come into contact with and will do our best to bring closure & peace of mind whilst contributing to the environment as best we can.  

Can I choose the type of tree seedling that will be returned to me with my pets ashes?

Although we do not have a large variety of trees, we always have a lovely seasonal selection to offer which you are most welcome to choose from. Simply contact Amanda who will inform you of the trees available and who will ensure you receive the tree of your choice.

Do I have to have a tree with the return of my pets ashes?

We understand that not everyone has a garden or wants the responsibility of looking after a tree. We, therefore, have a similar product to the tree planter available for you, without the tree.  We will also be introducing our wooden heart-shaped urn in the coming months.

Do you cremate horses?

We do not have a facility large enough to accommodate the cremation of a horse, we, therefore, offer our dignified Green Burial/Composting option to horse owners who have come to trust and rely on this service for their noble and loved horse companions.

At Pet Farewells our Values are Caring, Compassion and Understanding

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